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We believe in a collaborative work ethic, continuous learning, and having fun in the process🕺🏻


Loominate was founded in 2019 by friends living in a shared flat in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Our goal was to pursue our dream of starting a creative agency, and strike out on our own.

During the last years, we've endeavoured to make our mark on the emerging AI & Web3 space by engaging with projects that have drawn our curiosity and starting a few initiatives of our own.

Having grown up bi-lingual, we have traveled across the globe and have a remote-first approach to work. We're passionate about guiding diverse, international teams through their digital product design & branding journeys.

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Our Approach

We enable product teams to execute on their vision

👉 Concrete Deliverables
We deliver ready-to-use brand guidelines & interactive digital prototypes which are handed over at project close, so you can hit the ground running.

👉 collaborative workshops
We rely on interactive meetings and workshops at every step of the design process to structure our collaboration, inspire creative ideas and increase team productivity.

👉 iterative design process
Our design process includes regular check-ins, feedback & approval built into every stage. No design decisions made without customer approval

Meet the Team

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Jesse Steele

Co-Founder & Creative Strategist

Jesse Steele is a seasoned marketer with experience leading branding strategy and product development initiatives for large corporations and SMEs alike. 

As former Marketing Director for a Berlin based tech startup, Jesse has helped build up communication cultures from scratch, whilst establishing robust marketing funnels.

Equipped with a passion for creative storytelling and facilitation, he has generated value for international brands such as Budweiser, Allianz, Richemont and Nestle Health Sciences,Siemens and Deutsche Bahn. 

He speaks 5 languages and holds an M.Sc. in Marketing & Creativity from ESCP Europe Business School as well as a B.A. in Political Science and International Development from McGill University.

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Patrick Caire bio pic

Patrick Caire

Co-Founder & Designer

Patrick Caire is a graphic, web and UX/UI designer with further specialisation in enabling Design Thinking and Sprint methodology.

With a penchant for projects that occupy the intersection between music and design, Patrick has also applied his design skills to various industries such as education, gastronomy and the arts. 

With several years of agency experience under his belt, he also speaks fluent English, French and German. 

Originally from Montpellier, he has studied Visual Communication & Graphic Design at HMKW in Berlin, as well as Political Science at Mcgill University, in Montreal. 

Side projects

Initiatives we've proudly co-created


Art Progression Now

A borderless collective working towards open, fair and distributed support systems for artists


A decentralised cooperative (DAO) for labels, musicians & collectors

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